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How CoQ10 may be the powerhouse enzyme you're lacking

How CoQ10 may be the powerhouse enzyme you're lacking | Mr Vitamins
Every cell in your body relies on oxygen and glucose in order to produce the energy that powers all your internal process, like muscular movement, thought and action. Glucose is sourced from all those fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other nutritious foods you eat. Oxygen comes from the air you breathe. However, in order for the complex chemical reaction that causes glucose and oxygen to unite to form that real, usable spark of energy, some enzymes are required. The most important of these enzymes is Co-enzyme Q10.

Sourced from within

When you are young, your body produces its own Coenzyme Q10. You also top up these normal healthy levels by eating organ meat, red meat, and other animal sources such as poultry and fish; with the highest vegetable sources being nuts, seeds and healthy oils. As you age, or if you develop high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, your body has an increased need for CoQ10 at just the same time as your levels start to naturally decline. This means that for many people, taking a CoQ10 supplement can be their best outcome.

Cholesterol drugs and CoQ10

Unfortunately, if you are taking medication to reduce your cholesterol levels (known as ‘statin’ drugs due to the use of the word ‘statin’ in their name – drugs like lovastatin or simvastatin for example), you may be at an even higher risk of CoQ10 deficiency, as these drugs reduce your body’s ability to produce this key enzyme.

What happens when you have reduced CoQ10 levels?

When you have reduced CoQ10 levels, your cells become fatigued, as they are unable to use glucose and oxygen to produce energy. Fatigued cells (particularly muscular cells, which are the most affected by this kind of fatigue) mean you are low in energy, tired all the time, and may not be able to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

How to know if your fatigue is caused by CoQ10 deficiency?

If you have high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, are taking statin drugs, or suffer from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, your energy levels may benefit from taking a CoQ10 supplement. Some doctors, such as heart specialists, may even encourage you to take higher levels of CoQ10 to assist in recovery from surgery related to the heart or cardiovascular system.

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