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Protein Powders

Our body's protein requirement increases considerably when we lift weights. Majority of the protein supplements available today are dairy based, although more people are switching to plant based proteins because of dairy intolerance's.

Protein powdercan be very useful if you aren’t getting enough of this vital macronutrient from whole food, and it can be equally as helpful if you just want the convenience of having access to a good protein source that, unlike food sources, won’t spoil too easily.

What are protein powders?

To put it simply, protein powders are dietary supplements that have a high proportion of protein. To get thebest protein powderfor you, you must first understand that protein is derived from the following food sources:

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Hemp
  • Soy
  • Pea
  • Rice
  • Artichoke
  • Cranberry

In addition to straight protein, a lot of manufacturers strengthen and better their products with minerals, vitamins, fats, fibre, grains, greens and/or thickeners. Known as meal replacement powders (or MRPs), protein powders that are made in this way contain considerable amounts of fats and carbs.

What are the benefits of taking protein powders?

Ensuring a high level of protein intake should play an important role in the lifestyle of all sportspeople. It is very important for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and it’s for these reasons that it’s considered an important source of nutrients for all that’s involved in fitness and sports.

The following are some of the reasons whyprotein powderinAustraliacontinues to be extremely popular:

  • Whether you go forcheap protein powderor the more expensive concentrate variety, protein powders are a very convenient way of getting protein into the body
  • Mostprotein powders for weight lossare either cholesterol and fat free or contain a small fraction of the levels that are found in protein rich foods such as dairy, fish, eggs and different meat sources
  • They are extremely cost effective
  • Frompea protein powdertoQuest protein powder,protein powders taste great and can be used by the entire family as an extra source of this essential macronutrient

Finding the Right Protein Powder for you

Here at Mr Vitamins, we offer a large selection of different products for those that are looking tobuy protein powder.The type of protein powder you decide to go for will depend on your specific requirements, and the following will help you to choose the best brand and class of protein for you.

Here are some characteristics that usually make one kind of protein powder different from another:

  1. The kind of protein or proteins that are used (animal or vegetable sourced)
  2. The varieties of sweeteners or flavours that are included in its blend
  3. Cost per gram of protein or cost per serving
  4. The kind of ingredients that are added to improve the benefits of the product

Tip: You can source the type of protein that you need here at Mr Vitamins by using our predetermined categories.

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