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Your Heart Loves Olive Leaf Extract

Your Heart Loves Olive Leaf Extract | Mr Vitamins
Olive Leaf Extract is made from the leaves of the olive tree and has some quite amazing health benefits for your body, especially your heart. Olive leaf has many nutrients and antioxidants that not only protect your cardiovascular system but also may help heal diabetes and arthritis. This potent extract also destroys the free radicals that contribute to disease.

Olive Leaf Extract has many therapeutic benefits:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Help prevent disease

What makes olive leaf so special?

Olives have long been known to have health benefits but Olive Leaf Extract has been used for hundreds of years to heal the body. The Olive leaves contains the most Oleuropein, a polyphenol that is particularly helpful for the cardiovascular system. The antioxidant level of olive leaf has been found to be 100 times stronger than vitamin C making it a very powerful weapon in fighting disease. Olive leaf also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory all beneficial to optimal health.

Olive Leaf for heart health

Olive leaf extract is your hearts best friend! The polyphenol, Oleuropein, has been found to reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. It does this by vasodilatation or relaxing and increasing the width of the blood vessel walls making it easier for blood to flow, this in turn reduces blood pressure. Studies have found that this action works better than common blood pressure medication with no side effects. One of the primary causes of heart disease is arterial plaque, compounded by thickening of artery walls that comes from age and inflammation. Olive leaf reduces cholesterol, prevents plaque formation and reduces inflammation. This action keeps the arteries clear and open for easy flow of blood as well as preventing heart attacks and strokes that come from clogged arteries.

Immune Booster

Another part of heart health is immune system health. Supporting your immune system will support your heart. Olive leaf fights bacteria, virus, fungal infections and inflammation, all of which compromise your immune system. It also fights the free radicals that cause cellular damage that contribute to disease and ageing. Free radicals come from exposure to daily toxins such as pollution, stress, poor food choices and medication.

How to add olive leaf to your diet

Olive leaf is a liquid extract that you can take alone or mixed into your morning smoothie. A basic recommendation is one to three teaspoons per day however it is best to ask a naturopath to help you find the best dosage for your unique needs.

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Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract

Grown, harvested and extracted fresh on Comvita's farm in Queensland. The fresh leaf extraction system locks in Oleuropein plus at least 11 other naturally occurring polyphenols. Find out more and shop online for Comvita Olive Leaf Extract here Who knew that the olive tree could be such a powerful force in helping you stay healthy and preventing disease? 'Ask a naturopath' for more information about other ways olive leaf can help you.