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Price Match Guarantee

Here at Mr Vitamin's we strive to not only provide you with expert advice, but also value for money. This is why we offer a price match guarantee - that is, we will match any competitors current final price on demand.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our price match guarantee:

Do I need to show proof?

Yes. We will need to be able to confirm the product(s) current price by checking online, calling and so on.

Is there a quantity limit?

Yes. The limit is 3 items. This includes different varieties of the same product (e.g. 3 x tubs of protein, not 3 x tubs of each flavour)

Do we match our own prices from the past?

No. We only match currently available pricing.

If you'd like to price match your selected item, or if you have any general questions regarding our price match guarantee, please give us a call on (02) 9411 1433 or email as at

 Mr Vitamins price match guarantee