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Calcium Tablets & Supplements

Calciumis the most abundant mineral in the body and is needed for the normal development and maintenance of the skeleton as well as for the proper functioning of neuromuscular and cardiac function. It is stored in the teeth and bones where it provides structure and strength.

If you don’t get enoughCalciumin your diet, or you can’t absorb it properly, your body takes theCalciumit needs from your bones. Over time, this causes loss of bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis causes your bones to become brittle and they can easily brake. The condition is very common in Australia, particularly in people over the age of 60.

In aging adults, particularly among postmenopausal women, bone breakdown exceeds formation, resulting in bone loss that increases the risk of osteoporosis over time. Factors, such as adequateCalcium and Vitamin Dand weight bearing exercise, play a preventative role.

To absorbCalcium, your body needs Vitamin D. Regardless of yourCalciumintake, if you don’t get enough Vitamin D, you will have trouble absorbingCalciumand keeping your bones healthy. Thebest Calcium supplementwill often containCalcium,Magnesium,Vitamin KandVitamin Din the formula.

You are most at risk ofCalciumdeficiency and osteoporosis if you:

  • Have a restrictive diet
  • Are vegetarian or vegan
  • don’t get enoughCalciumin your diet
  • have low Vitamin D levels
  • have certain medical conditions, such as Coeliac or kidney disease
  • take steroids for a long time
  • eat a diet high in certain plant nutrients (phytates and oxalates)
  • consume a lot of caffeine or alcohol.

Natural Calcium supplementscome in the form ofCalcium tablets,Calcium powderandliquid Calcium.