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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Food fit for a Queen.Royal Jellyis super concentrated nutrition, rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids. It has been touted as “the elixir of life, source of youth, vitality and longevity.

Royal Jellyis a natural, nutrient-rich food provided to young bees and the Queen Bee of the hive. The queen eats nothing but this perfect food throughout her adult life. The queen bee has the strongest immunity and lifespan of all the bees in the hive living for five to seven years, while her worker bees which only eat honey and pollen, live no longer than 45 days.

Royal Jellycontains an extraordinarily high concentration of vitamins B5, B6, and amino acids and is believed to be a rejuvenating substance that promotes tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration.Royal Jellyhas been used in traditional medicine as a natural energy supplement with potential long-term benefits for improving energy, stamina and endurance.

Where to buy Royal Jelly?Mr Vitamins sells bothFresh Royal JellyandRoyal Jelly capsules. A qualityRoyal Jellysupplement will state the fatty acid 10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA) component per dose.