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IVF Preparation Tips - What you need for Successful Conception

IVF Preparation Tips - What you need for Successful Conception | Mr Vitamins
Assisted reproductive technologies including IVF, are helping millions of couples conceive worldwide. Whilst many people get to take home a bundle of joy after their successful cycle, there are many people out there left wondering what went wrong at the end of a failed cycle. When using the help of IVF, pre conception care is the most important thing a couple can do to increase their chances of success. It is so important in fact that without it couples can take longer to conceive.

Why is Pre Conception care vital for IVF patients?

  • IVF depends on the health of the egg and the sperm being in top condition to enable them to develop normally outside of the body in a laboratory setting
  • Any aberrations in sperm and egg quality will result in less eggs retrieved and poor embryo development to the blastocyst stage
  • Nutritional factors govern the health of the reproductive system, any deficiencies or aberrations in cellular processes will disrupt the delicate balance the reproductive system relies on to successfully conceive
  • IVF medications can be difficult for some women to tolerate, by preparing for IVF and addressing digestive and liver health it can be possible for women to tolerate these medications better

What can I take to improve IVF success?

Before discussing supplements, it is vital to note here that every woman and couple is different and will present with their own fertility challenges. The information provided here is a guide to supplements that have shown success in couples using IVF. For best results it’s advised to work with a Naturopath who knows the IVF process and can provide a tailored treatment plan.
  • Glutathione: the body’s master antioxidant, which exerts a protective effect over developing follicles preserving quality. High glutathione levels intracellularly have been shown to produce stronger embryos and may be associated with higher chance of IVF success
  • Ubiquinol: the ovaries contain the highest concentration of mitochondria which produce energy to fuel ovarian follicle development. Any exposure to stress or toxins can cause this process to be disrupted, affecting egg quality. Ubiquinol directly influences the health of mitochondria and improves energy production required for optimal follicle development improving egg quality
  • Fish Oil: enhances pelvic circulation to the uterus, has a hormonal balancing effect and supports the mitochondria within the ovarian follicles. Fatty acids are a major component of follicular fluid which have been shown to also have a protective effect preventing embryo fragmentation and preserving oocytes undergoing development by scavenging free radicals
  • Multi Vitamins: are the cornerstone of pre conception and IVF preparation. Preferably taken 3-6 months prior to beginning an IVF cycle as the nutrients contained in these products also have important roles in DNA replication and blood cell formation that are essential in the early stages of conception.

Are you and your partner using IVF to conceive?

Give yourself the best chance at succeeding with IVF by booking in for a couples booking with Mr Vitamins Naturopath ,Chloe Okorn. She is able to tailor specific plans for both of you to improve egg and sperm quality, thus increasing your chances of success in subsequent cycles. Pre conception care has the ability to significantly improve your chances of conceiving with IVF and assist you in creating the happiest healthiest baby too.

Naturopath Chloe Okorn

Chloe is passionate about fertility, preconception care and IVF preparation and she considers preparing for conception to be one of the most important things you can do as a prospective parent. She will look at all aspects of your health and tailor a preconception program for you. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to work with both parents as conception involves the health of both partners. Find out more about Chloe here References: