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Caruso's Natural Health high-quality supplements

Founded in 1982, Caruso's Natural Health is an Australian-owned, family-run company that supplies vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements throughout Australia and overseas. Their huge experience in the healthcare industry has enabled them to develop an impressive range of high-quality products that can positively affect your health. With over 100 quality vitamin, mineral, and herbal products to choose from, Caruso's Natural Health continues to research and develop quality products and new lifestyle programs that can assist Australians in maintaining good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Caruso's Natural Health is a proudly Australian owned family company that supplies vitamin, mineral & herbal supplements to customers all over the country. It was founded in 1982, by Frank Caruso, who gave up his career to follow his passion for a healthy lifestyle and help Australians live healthier lives.

Having been involved in the industry for nearly 40 years, Caruso's Natural Health is dedicated to developing high-quality products with 100% natural formulas. Many of them became bestsellers in pharmacies: Veins Clear, Fluid Away, Astaxanthin, K2, Magnesium Cream, Male Mojo - all meet high-quality standards for health supplements. In order to develop the most effective formulas, the team at Caruso's conducts extensive research and uses only quality raw materials and herbal extracts from specialised suppliers.

Caruso's vitamins can support your health if they are taken as directed. Please, be sure to read the information on the label to choose the right dosage and optimal timing. The results of clinical studies show that after just one month of taking one capsule a day, the participants in the group taking some of Caruso's products reported a 20% improvement in their health and wellbeing.

Caruso's is a 100% Australian owned family company with a dedicated and passionate team that is continually exploring innovative ways to develop quality products and lifestyle programs that will help promote good health. The company invests thousands of hours in new product research and sourcing quality ingredients that go into its formulas. Caruso's Natural Health also became a winner of multiple awards, including the “Lady Cilento Award”, the complementary medicine industry’s most prestigious award.

Caruso’s Natural Health is an Australian family-owned company and all its range is made in Australia. They have built some of the finest factories in the world right in Australia to support local industry. Moreover, all of their cartons, labels and marketing products are also made and printed in Australia, because it is the brand's priority to champion Australian manufacturers. This allows thousands of Australians to stay employed and, as the company grows, new jobs continue to be created.