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3 Top Tips for Healthy Fitness

  1. Fusion Health - EnergyEnergy to spend

  • Stretching is an important aspect to any fitness regimen. Enjoy the benefits of energising yoga poses to help increase vital energy (Prana or Qi). Poses (asana) that open the chest can be incorporated into your daily regimen to help support your energy. Join a yoga class or see a yoga practitioner to receive personalised professional advice.coq10_mock-up_60_capsules
  • Consider the benefits of CoQ10 for supporting cellular energy production and providing antioxidant benefits. Take your CoQ10 with healthy dietary oils, such as fish oil, avocado and olive oil or take it with your biggest meal of the day to aid absorption. Piperine Phospholipid Complex™ enhances CoQ10 absorption from the digestive tract, and can be found in Fusion Health® Bioenhanced CoQ10
  1. Antioxidants for cellular health

  • Whilst reaping the health benefits of exercise, be aware of the increased oxidative stress exercise places on the body. If you enjoy a high level of exercise, consider supplementing with antioxidants to help protect against the effects of free radical damage.magnesium_advanced_mock-up_120_tabs
  • Include antioxidant rich foods in your diet; acai berries, gogi berries, blue berries and inca berries are natural goodies that can boost your antioxidant intake. Your health food store shelves are packed with easy antioxidant sources, ask your Mr Vitamins Naturopath to help you explore the options available.
  1. Effective Recovery

  • It’s all very well to work hard, but you need to recover well too. Ensure your body gets adequate rest between workouts, and the nutrients to assist your recovery. Magnesium is a key mineral to help assist muscle recovery after exercise and promote stamina.
  • tienchi_ginseng_mock-up_50_tabsSore muscles may also benefit from Tienchi ginseng a Chinese herb used to help relieve exercise-induced muscle pain and stiffness, as well as help heal sprains and strains.

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