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Nature Clinic Propolis 2000mg

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pack size: 365 Capsules

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  • Improving and strengthening immune function
  • Protection from recurrent illness and infection
  • Reducing inflammation the body
  • Improved general health and wellbeing
  • Premium Quality Australian-Made Propolis

  • Propolis is a widely revered natural healing agent known for its high flavonoid content; said to be more effective than Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc. A natural combination of immune support and antioxidant activity make Propolis a unique and potent way to improve health and general wellbeing.

  • Propolis may help boost your immunity and maintain natural immune function.
  • Strong immunity means greater resistance to colds, flus and other infections.
  • Rich in antioxidants, Propolis may also protect the body from free radical damage and oxidative stress which are associated with many modern day illnesses.
  • Propolis can be used orally or topically, and may help speed the healing of wounds, cuts abrasions and skin irritations.
  • 中文说明

    天然药房 蜂胶胶囊 2000毫克 365粒


    天然药房蜂胶胶囊 (Nature Clinic™ Propolis Capsules), 2000mg



    生物类黄酮是一种高度强效的抗氧化剂,例如蜂胶,它的抗菌消炎功能,能帮助我们消除细胞里的自由基。自由基是导致我们身体疾病的元凶。 蜂胶如同一种天然的抗生素,能帮助抵抗现有的疾病和感染。同时亦能提升我们的免疫系统,对容易感冒跟感染的人群有特别的帮助。自然诊所Nature Clinic™蜂膠采用澳洲制造的高质量的天然蜂胶,能够发挥蜂胶的最大功效。


    天然药房Nature Clinic™蜂膠2000mg 膠囊的作用:

    • 帮助提升身体的免疫系统
    • 帮助防止感冒和流感,同时有助于减轻鼻子过敏和敏感性体质
    • 对经常喉咙痛和容易感染的人群特别有帮助
    • 减少自由基对身体的损害并减缓衰老过程
    • 帮助加快一般疾病和感染的康复过程
    • 有助于减轻口腔炎的症状



    天然药房 Nature Clinic™ 蜂膠2000mg 膠囊可每天服用,只需服用每天服用一次,每次一颗。

    注意: 蜂胶可能会引起敏感反应。若皮肤出现痕痒或口部及喉咙出现肿胀应暂停服用。若症状持久不退请向你的医生咨询协助。


    Each capsule contains propolis extract equivalent to fresh propolis 2000mg

    Contains no corn, dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, nuts, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial flavouring or artificial preservatives. GMO free.

    suggested dose

    Adults - Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.


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      12 January 2018
      Eric Z.
      Really good products!

      at the moment only take a month, body feel well!