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Consult with Poppy Osprey - Naturopath

The Baby Maker

“I believe that all illnesses inherently start in the gut, so good nutrition is extremely important, including eating organic veggies, using alkalising greens and supplementing with good quality vitamins to maintain vital health. ~ Poppy Osprey

Consultation With Poppy

Poppy combines her extensive experience of using the health benefits of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine with the therapeutic benefits of naturopathic treatments.

The body has a remarkable ability to achieve balance and wellbeing when the right therapies are used: the right naturopathic approach and remedies will help you to have renewed vitality and a deep sense of wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine makes a difference

Poppy's passion is to use and recommend herbs that can contribute to a wide variety of health conditions. E.g. Poppy can tailor-make a custom blend for you to address not being able to fall asleep easily due to adrenal exhaustion.  Herbs go straight into the blood stream so can bring results quickly.

Areas of Special Interest: Fertility, Pregnancy, Babies, Children's health, Allergies, ADHD, behavioural and learning challenges, Teenager’s help with HSC stress, Menopause, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, Gut related issues, weight loss, detox, Making menopause easy

Menopause should be a wonderfully exhilarating and liberating time for a woman, but unfortunately for some, it can be a challenge, culminating in depression, anxiety, hot flushes and night sweats. Having consulted with many women, Poppy is confident that she can help a smoother transition through menopause, sometimes with advice on natural HRT.

Do you want to start a family?

As part of planning and preparing for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth,  Poppy provides guidance and advice all the way throughout pregnancy, as well as dealing with the anxiety of being a new Mother.

Good nutrition is vital for growing children – so advice on diet and healthy lunch boxes are always available.

“I have raised two boys and love children. I can help with childhood illnesses, the teenage years, as well as dealing with the stress and anxiety of school exams.”

Testimonials for Poppy

“I came to see Poppy after 6 months of being off the Pill and wasn’t getting my period and we were desperately trying for a baby. I approached Poppy and she reviewed me and ended up prescribing me some herbs. I was on the herbs for about 5 weeks when I got my first period, and a month later we were pregnant with our little boy who is now 2.5. I highly recommend Poppy she helps create miracles.”  – Sammi

“My journey started 14 months ago with an ‘order’ from my GP to lose 10kg after unfavourable blood test results – high glucose (on the verge of diabetes) and high cholesterol. My BMI was in the obesity category. My blood pressure was higher than usual. I was also anaemic.
Uncertain on how to go about losing the weight, I consulted Poppy Osprey at Mr Vitamins, Chatswood.
Since seeing Poppy, I've managed to lose an astounding 35kg. I'm now in the normal BMI range. My glucose and cholesterol are back to normal. My ferritin levels have improved. My blood pressure is perfect. I'm more agile and have more energy.
Poppy is an integral member of ‘my team’ which includes my GP, personal trainer and masseuse. I highly recommend Poppy to anyone who is serious about losing weight and becoming healthier.”  – Catherine

Passion Potions

Made with herbs, for him and for her, to enhance libido, lean muscle mass, energy and a general tonic.

Gem Essences

Poppy has developed her own range of gem essences available in store at Mr Vitamins.

About Poppy

Qualifications: Adv Dip Botanic Medicine, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Naturopathy Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bach Flower Remedies.

Has taken supplements to indigenous tribes in the jungles of Cambodia