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Reignite that fire and get the heart racing again with good Heart Health

Reignite that fire and get the heart racing again with good Heart Health | Mr Vitamins
It’s no wonder that in today’s fast-paced and hectic world we all feel tired, stressed and overworked, with little time or energy for some of the more enjoyable things in life! Is there something lacking a little something in the love department? Your heart is usually involved!

Is the loving feeling waning?

There may be a number of reasons behind low libido such as hormone imbalances, exposure to chemicals or xeno-oestrogens, poor liver function, oral contraceptives or other medications, or even high levels of stress or lack of sleep.

Reignite that fire and get the heart racing again

  • Consider using a support formula of Western and ancient Chinese herbs to promote sexual vitality in both men and women
  • Use natural food aphrodisiacs such as maca root, oysters, cayenne pepper, beetroot, goji berries and pumpkin seeds to boost zinc, nitric oxide, HGH (human growth hormone) and promote optimal sex drive
  • Avoiding stress is impossible in today’s fast-paced and hectic world, but management is possible for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Consider using a high dose comprehensive magnesium supplement and multivitamin formula to support healthy stress response and nervous system functioning
  • Take time out with friends to enjoy shared and heartfelt interests and activities to promote a sense of closeness and intimacy and reduce stress

Mr Vitamins recommends

Promotes healthy sperm production and motility, enhances libido and virility, aids the management of medically diagnosed BPH, and helps relieve androgen deficiency in ageing males (also known as andropause or male menopause), which usually begins in the late 40s or early 50s. & womens balance
A synergistic blend of Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus and other herbs traditionally used to enhance sex drive and performance
Provides a synergistic blend of four ginsengs: Korean, Siberian, American and Indian (Withania) plus Astragalus to help the body overcome fatigue, restore vitality and helps relieve stress