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Stress and Healthy Hair can be a tricky combination

Stress and Healthy Hair can be a tricky combination | Mr Vitamins
For healthy hair, think Kidney energy. Why? In traditional Chinese medicine hair health depends on the healthy flow of Qi(vital energy), and proper functioning of the Kidney organ-meridian system. Not just for hair growth but for whole body health and vitality. Imagine your Kidney energy is a cup of water; you need to keep the level topped up and also minimise leaks that drain water away. One of the biggest drains on Kidney energy is chronic stress. Here’s how to help keep your cup full and support healthy hair.

Reduce the drain on your Kidney energ

Kidney energy (Jing) is progressively depleted with age and is particularly vulnerable to exhaustion from mid-life onwards due to;
  • Overwork
  • A hard driven lifestyle
  • Insufficient fluid intake
  • Chronic illness or stress
Keeping a close eye on these key factors is the first important step in preserving your Kidney energy.

Stress drains Kidney energy

Ensuring you have a healthy stress response and manage your stress levels well, helps reduce the potential negative effects stress can have on your Kidney energy. This is important for your whole body health, not just healthy hair.

Help is at hand

If you need help managing your stress response, consider using Chinese herbs such as Magnolia officinalis (Hou Po), which is traditionally used to help relieve symptoms of mild anxiety and ease nervous indigestion. The Ayurvedic herb Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) is traditionally used to help enhance resistance and adaptation to stress.

Top up your Kidney energy for healthy hair

Replenishing your Kidney energy can influence hair growthbecause it can help regenerate resting hair follicles. Consider the Chinese herb Fallopia Multiflora (Phytofol®™)together with other herbs and traditional Kidney tonics such as Rehmannia glutinosa (Chinese Foxglove) to strengthen Kidney Jing, revitalising hair follicles and promoting healthy hair.

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