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Migraines: Not Natural for Your Brain, But You Can Treat Them Naturally

Migraines: Not Natural for Your Brain, But You Can Treat Them Naturally | Mr Vitamins
Do you suffer from migraines regularly and just accept them as a part of life? Stop now! We probably do not have to tell you that migraines can increase in frequency and severity, but what you may not know is that migraines can cause serious damage to your brain. However, all hope is not lost. You can naturally reduce migraines without prescription drugs and protect your brain from further damage.

But some brain damage is normal, right?

Although it is true that some brain cells die off daily for various reasons, it does not mean every brain activity is healthy for your brain. You may think migraines are out of your control because they seem to arise from nowhere, but that could not be farther from the truth. The truth is many factors can cause migraines from chemical fumes, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners to menstruation, weather, and lighting.

Brain + Migraines = Trouble

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark recently studied individuals who suffered from migraines of varying frequencies and severities, yet did nothing to treat or manage them. Consequently, their discovery was rather troubling—migraines cause lesions in the white matter of the brain. And those legions can not only interrupt brain function, but also increase the chances of stroke.

6 natural Migraine fighters

Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, you can be in control of how often you have migraines as well as how long they last. Several studies around the world have tested and confirmed six herbs and nutrients that help prevent migraines and we have outlined them for you here:
  1. Butterbur—an extract of Petasites hybridus, butterbur has been known to dramatically decrease the frequency of migraine attacks.
  2. Lavender—never underestimate the power of essential oils like lavender, which radically reduces the occurrence and intensity of migraines.
  3. Magnesium—actively involved in the nervous, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular systems, magnesium also limits migraine occurrence and intensity.
  4. Melatonin—in addition to reducing migraines, melatonin helps you sleep better and lose weight at the same time!
  5. Resveratrol—by increasing the number of mitochondria in the cell, resveratrol provides energy and protection for your cells and brain.
  6. Vitamin B2—also known as riboflavin, Vitamin B2 boosts mitochondrial energy, which ensures both energy for cellular function and protection for the brain.

Small changes produce BIG results

Small changes produce big results, so do not accept your condition and suffer in silence. Seek out what prompts your migraines by recording where you are, what you are doing, thinking, eating, etc. when you experience a migraine. Keeping this information in a journal can provide you with valuable insight. Furthermore, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture have proven helpful in calming migraines. But, for even more ideas on how to manage and treat your migraines, be sure to visit a Mr Vitamins store and ‘Ask a Naturopath’