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Resveratrol is a powerful compound that regenerates the body at a cellular level. It is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensively studied longevity compounds.


Resveratrol is a polyphenolic bioflavonoid antioxidant that’s produced by certain plants.


Natural resveratrol is found in a number of foods such as grapes, purple grape juice, red wine, cacao, peanuts, and some berries. The medical community and scientists alike became interested in the health virtues of this polyphenol supplement when the French Paradox was revisited. The French drink more wine, eat more fat, sugar and rich foods, but have less heart disease.


The “French paradox”, is believed to be due to a higher intake of resveratrol, found naturally in red wine.


Resveratrol Weight Loss Benefits


Research published in Nature showed that resveratrol protected mice from the harmful effects of a high-calorie diet, including heart disease, weight gain and diabetes Resveratrol appears to act on adiponectin, which is produced by our fat cells and helps us lose fat by improving our insulin sensitivity.


Resveratrol for Skin


Resveratrol is an antimicrobial substance produced by plants in response to stress, infection, or strong UV radiation. Due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties, taking a resveratrol capsule can result in healthier, younger looking skin.


Resveratrol for Heart Health


Research published over the past several decades in many medical journals, including the European Journal of Food Pharmacology and American Journal of Hypertension, found that resveratrol from red wine, decreases the risk of heart disease among other common health concerns.


Other health benefits include


Along with helping to keep arteries clear from plaque build-up and protecting an aging heart, this phytonutrient has many other health benefits too — including reducing inflammation, potentially helping to prevent obesity and protecting cognitive health among the elderly.


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