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Colostrum - Your Way to Super Gut Health

Colostrum - Your Way to Super Gut Health | Mr Vitamins
Your body is an ecosystem defended by your gut!! The human body is a complex ecosystem of microbes and organs which have interrelated functions and in which the gut acts as the frontline defender of the immune system. Your gut is constantly exposed to new microbes from foods and drinks. From the start of life, handling anything in the outside world – for example an infant sucking their thumb - exposes the gut to different microorganisms.

Exposure to microbes trains the immune system on how to respond to different organisms

Harmful organisms are destroyed; helpful organisms are integrated in the body to contribute to overall good health. Colostrum, as the first good food we are exposed to, plays a massively important role here.

The microbiome is one of the most exciting discoveries for health in the 21st century! 

The collection of microbes that live in and on the human body is known as the microbiota. The microbiome refers to the complete set of genes within these microbes. Most of these live in your gut! On average the human gut has:
  • 40,000 bacterial species
  • 9 million unique bacterial genes and
  • 100 trillion microbial cells
The activities that take place in the gut are involved in the central nervous system, brain, and even influence your mood. So the organisms that live inside your gut are like a ground control for how your gut works – from birth onwards. In recent years, research has shown beneficial bacteria in our microbiome may help us fight infection anywhere in the body.

The perfect first food for gut health

This brings us back to colostrum – the first food designed by Mother Nature for all mammals. For the first 2 to 5 days after a baby is born, mothers make a small amount of colostrum, before the production of true milk. Ingesting colostrum establishes beneficial bacteria in the newborn’s digestive tract. For the developing microbiome, it is the original and most powerful influence on our gut health and microflora.

Colostrum provides an abundance of nutrients including:

  • Vitamin and minerals
  • High levels of protein and growth factors
  • Antibodies (immunoglobulins) - which offer protection against bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
Taken as a supplement, nutrient rich colostrum can help the immune system to prevent and treat infection, including infectious diarrhoea. Colostrum heals intestinal problems such as leaky gut syndrome and can reduce the passing of toxins and gut microbes from the intestine into the bloodstream. It also accelerates the healing of injuries, increases vitality and stamina, and can have an anti-ageing effect. Colostrum is a vital supplement for improving the body’s ecosystem, providing good bacteria in the gut and powerful immune factors for fighting infection.

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