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How UMF can help you pick the right Manuka Honey

How UMF can help you pick the right Manuka Honey | Mr Vitamins
Not every 'so called' health food comes with its own health rating guide, however, Manuka Honey does, and the UMF tells you what you need to know. One of the many challenges of eating health foods is knowing which foods are really healthy for you? While many food products present a 'certified organic' label, other food products do not. Well fortunately, Manuka honey producers allow for this dilemma with the Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF.

Understanding the Importance of UMF

From amino acids and B vitamins to iron and potassium, Manuka honey offers a rich supply of nutritional benefits. Nevertheless, some forms of Manuka honey are more effective than others; and, this effectiveness or, potency if you will, is revealed by the UMF. Unique Manuka Factor serves as a standard measurement of the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey, which is determined by the amount of hydrogen peroxide, methylglyoxal, and dihydoxyacetone found in the honey. Although the UMF of a particular Manuka honey is stable and not easily damaged by heat, light, or digestive enzymes, the higher the value, the greater the medicinal capability of the Manuka honey.

Decoding UMF: What do all those numbers mean?

Manuka honeys with UMFs below 5 are considered non-therapeutic, because the Manuka activity is low and therefore it lacks medicinal properties. Between 10 and 15 they do offer medicinal benefit whereas a UMF level of 16 or higher represents Manuka honey of superior quality. Here’s a recap:
  • UMF0 = undetectable Manuka activity – no medicinal use
  • UMF5 = low grade of Manuka activity – not recommended for medicinal use
  • UMF10 = maintenance level of Manuka activity – ideal for better immunity and increased vitality
  • UMF15 = useful level of Manuka activity – ideal for high antibacterial benefits
  • UMF20 = superior level of Manuka activity – ideal for specific medicinal use

A Little More on UMF…

UMF ratings are actually determined by the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), which tests each honey’s ability to kill bacteria and then compares that ability to the disinfectant, phenol. This means that a honey with a UMF rating of 20 has the same antibacterial strength as a 20% solution of phenol. Now, although you would never drink disinfectant (phenol!), it is clear to see how Manuka honey improves your immunity and promotes bacterial balance—by killing bad bacteria.

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