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Meditate on a tree

Meditate on a tree | Mr Vitamins
One of my favourite ways to meditate is to use simple but powerful visual images. I take the time to work with the image in some detail, putting into it energy and intention for what I wish to create. Then a simple recall of the image brings all that energy back with it and replaces destructive thoughts and moods with positive feelings.

Are you off your tree?

An image I recommend everyone work with, is that of a tree.   If you imagine that your energy field is like that of a large tree, and then meditate on what you can learn from how trees survive. For example:
  • The root system of a tree needs to be bigger than its canopy of leaves in order to not be uprooted in a storm. Imagining your energy field is strongly rooted into the earth helps you remain steady in life’s storms
  • Trees bow under strong winds, but can bounce back rather than snap if they have good flow of sap to give them flexibility. Imagine the energy flow through you does the same, and breath!
  • Consider the bark of the tree its boundaries, and strengthen yours by seeing the bark of your tree as complete and healthy
  • From the leaves, learn that life has cycles of growth (new leaves, new experiences), processing (withering and dropping of old leaves in autumn being like a declutter of what no longer serves you) and consolidation (winter, a time for rest)

Tree time

  • See your energy field as that tree. Feel yourself standing in sunshine, on clean nourishing earth. The trunk surrounds your body, providing protection and strength
  • Breathe the sunshine in through your leaves and bring it down through your body to your heart. Then down to your roots, and out to the earth. Taking with it all stress, worries. Grow your roots a little deeper
  • Pause and feel the earth respond with comforting warm energy entering through your roots. Energy from Mother Earth to feed and sustain you
  • Breathe that energy up through your body, strengthening the tree, and bring it to your heart. Then breathe it up to your leaves and out to the heavens
  • Repeat this cycle 6 or 8 times, each time feeling your body becomes lighter, brighter
  • Pause, notice how you now feel more centred, more grounded. Smile.
May your tree grow every bigger and stronger every day.

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Maria Mitchell - Aromatherapist and Herbalist

Maria Mitchell is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching, and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy. She uses Meditation and Visualisation for herself, her clients and her students You can learn more about Maria here