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Cucumbers - more than merely an essential for a cooling summer salad

Cucumbers - more than merely an essential for a cooling summer salad | Mr Vitamins
Cucumbers make a perfect companion for summer weather. They contain 95 percent water and provide many essential vitamins and minerals needed by a sun-parched body. These tasty vegetables can even help prevent disease and reduce your risk of cancer.

Benefits of adding cucumbers to your diet

  • Enhance brain function
  • Promote heart health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Hydrate your body

Why are cucumbers so good for your health?

Cucumbers are members of the cucurbitaceae family, as are watermelon and pumpkins. All members of this family have a high water content making them a great food choice to keep hydrated this summer. Cucumbers have antioxidant flavonoids that help fight the free radical damage that occurs from too much sun, stress, poor diet and environmental toxins. They are loaded with vitamins C, B, and K, which are essential for overall health. Cucumbers are also high in polyphenols that help protect your body from disease.

Need more reasons to eat cucumbers?

  • Heart healthy. Cucumbers are high in potassium, a mineral necessary to keep blood pressure regulated and the heart functioning properly. They also contain sterols and fibre that can help lower cholesterol
  • Cancer fighting. These tasty veggies not only contain cancer fighting antioxidants but also have lignan polyphenols that have been shown to lower your risk of developing cancer in the first place. Cucumbers contain a unique ingredient ‘cucurbitacin’ that is known to block the growth of cancer cells
  • Brain booster. Cucumber have fisetin, a flavonol that helps protect your nerve cells from the damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s and other age related memory disorders
  • Inflammation fighter. Cucumbers fight inflammation in a few ways. The first way is by stopping inflammatory enzymes before they create inflammation. They also contain polyphenols, silica and other vitamins that help rebuild cartilage and reduce inflammation as well
  • Promote weight loss. Cucumbers help you maintain a healthy weight by adding soluable fibre to your diet. Fibre along with water helps your digestive tract eliminate waste easily and regularly. They are low in calories and even help you feel fuller longer which aids in weight loss.
  • Reduce stress. Packed with essential B vitamins they help combat both external and internal stress while giving you a boost of energy

How to add cucumbers to your diet?

As with most vegetables, organic or local farm grown, pesticide free are the best choice. Cucumbers can be sliced and used like a chip with dips, added to salads and sandwiches or even juiced. The fresh taste of a ripe cucumber is treat any time of the year.  So add the crunch of a cucumber to your diet and your body will thank you. 'Ask a naturopath' about more vegetables that can help you stay well.