Bernadett Healy – Nutritionist & Kinesiologist

Re-balancing your nutrition and emotions


“Transform your health and vitality with the powerful combination of nutrition and kinesiology.“

Bernadett is a qualified Nutritionist and Kinesiologist offering scientific, evidenced based nutrition with functional testing, mind set coaching and kinesiology to get to the root cause of your health issues.

Bernadett’s area of practice is in chronic health conditions caused by mould, sensitivites and in childrens’ health.  With a background in financial services, her interest also extends to stress management and fatigue in high pressure corporate work environment.


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An initial consultation with Bernadett will include a in-depth health history, a diet analysis of your typical food intake, then an initial recommendation based on findings.

Follow up consultations typically are to check progress, answer questions, adjust recommendations as required to achieve best results for you.



Bernadett uses muscle testing to identify the underlying contribution factors to your health challenges, and bring the body back into balance by clearing limiting beliefs and emotions.

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About Bernadett

  • Advanced Diploma Nutrition
  • Diploma Kinesiology
  • ATMS member
  • AIK member
  • Touch for Health Instructor

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