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Consult a Naturopath via Skype: a growing trend for health care

Consult a Naturopath via Skype: a growing trend for health care | Mr Vitamins
On-line Natural Health Consulting is becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Since its launch in 2003 Skype has become a highly accepted form of communication with over 663 million registered users and approximately 4.9 million users per day.

What are the advantages of a Skype connection?

  • Skype is free to download
  • It is easy to use to connect with others via video and audio
  • Can be used on PCs, Mac, tablets and smart phones
  • Great way to keep in touch with family and friends
  • Easy to connect with a practitioner of your choice
  • Usually free depending on your internet plan
As a result of this development in technology there is a fundamental change in how, when  and where you can have a health care consultation.

Why is on-line Natural Health consulting becoming popular?

Recommendations for a holistic and natural approach to health can help you reach a healthy, happy and vibrant life. In the 2008 Social Trends Survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that 134,00 people had visited a Naturopath (part of 748,00 who had visited Complementary Health Services) in the two week period prior to the survey. While this showed that many people are looking for professional guidance on improving their health, we know from the rise of on-line services that there are probably more people who don’t have the time or ability to visit a practitioner in a clinic. Skype is an innovative way to provide many Complementary Health Services due to popular demand. Now you can 'ask a naturopath' and other natural health practitioners from the Mr Vitamins Clinic. We are proud to extend this service and offer consultations online - in addition to at the Mr Vitamins Clinic rooms in Chatswood.

What does Skype offer for people who can’t make it to a clinic?

  • Help to reach optimum health in the comfort of their own home or space
  • More flexible times for people who work long or irregular hours
  • Distance no longer a problem to get the advice they are looking for
  • Same quality as a face-to-face consultation, including an in-depth case history; full body system analysis, personal medical history, family health history, detailed dietary and lifestyle assessment.
  • Solution for people who are house bound or have a disability
  • Easier for stay at home mums with young children

What would you expect from an On-line consultation?

  • Sitting in a skype consultation provides the same experience as sitting face-to-face
  • Same quality of care and advice including dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplement and herbal recommendations, healthy recipes and advice on functional and other testing.
Nutritional and herbal supplements will need to be purchased separately.

Skype Consultations with Mr Vitamins Practitioners You can also consult with other natural health practitioners rom the Mr Vitamins Clinic - please see the link above.