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Chromium: The Blood Sugar Regulator

Chromium: The Blood Sugar Regulator | Mr Vitamins
  Chromium is an essential trace mineral which helps regulate your blood sugar as well as reducing your risk of developing diabetes and insulin resistance. It is also effective in preventing the glucose and carbohydrate intolerance associated with diabetes. Chromium can be difficult to get from food alone. Soils can be depeleted of vital minerals and therefore Chromium becomes less available in food, so it is best taken in the form of a supplement.

Benefits of Chromium

  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps prevent sugar cravings

Chromium helps regulate blood sugar in two ways.

  1. As you eat carbohydrates your digestive system breaks them down into sugars, they are then absorbed into your blood stream and your pancreas secretes insulin to help regulate the sugar level in your blood. This is where the mineral Chromium steps in, it boosts the cellular uptake of sugar, which in turn reduces the sugar in your blood and lowers blood sugar levels. Keeping blood sugar levels even is a key factor in preventing diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain and heart disease. In a research study some participants were given white bread as a meal along with 400 micrograms of chromium whilst others received only the white bread. The results showed that those who took the Chromium had a more than 20% lower blood sugar level than those who only had the bread. Taking a chromium supplement along with your food can help lower the overall glycemic index of your meal.
  1. Chromium also helps your body use glucose (sugar) more effectively. If chromium isn’t present in your body when carbohydrates are turned into sugar then blood sugar levels will remain high and sugar will not convert effectively into energy. This can cause your body to crave more ‘sugar’ to increase your energy levels.
A diet consistently high in refined carbohydrates can lead to a chromium deficiency as these types of foods can deplete your body’s chromium levels. Also, if you do strenuous exercise you may experience a loss of chromium via urine making supplementation important for creating muscle rather than fat. Chromium is often combined with picolinate acid which helps increase its ability to be used by your body.