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Sucralose - Pool Cleaner for Your Insides?

Sucralose - Pool Cleaner for Your Insides? | Mr Vitamins
 Do you want to lose weight for Summer?
People often start with protein shakes and low-carb food bars. But some of these products could be stopping your weight loss! When you look at the labels on these bars and powders, you may see an artificial sweetener sucralose, sometimes known as ‘Splenda’. It’s also called ‘sweetener 955’. So what’s the problem? Although it’s approved by health authorities, there are questions about sucralose’s possible link with cancer and problems with the liver and immune system. Sucralose is in the chemical category of ‘organochlorides’, as is the banned insecticide DDT. Sucralose can also cut your gut flora (the good bacteria) by as much as 50% and these bacteria directly affect your weight – the more good bacteria you have, the better for weight loss. Sucralose may not be the cause of your weight problems, but there are much safer and more natural sweeteners available. No one has said what it is about sucralose that kills off your gut flora but its link with chlorine is undeniable. Chlorine is what is used to kill the bacteria in your swimming pool and tap water. Sydney has some of the most heavily chlorinated tap water in the world. The combination of artificially sweetened protein powder and low-carb snack bars, washed down with tap water could be destroying your gut flora and inhibiting your weight loss. Look for Natural Protein Powder and Bars sweetened with prebiotics  which encourage the growth of good bacteria in your gut, and enjoy weight loss naturally. For more information, speak to  any of our fully qualified Naturopaths when you come in to the Mr Vitamins Store.