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There’s Good News About Cholesterol

There’s Good News About Cholesterol | Mr Vitamins
The latest findings from the US show that trials attempting to prevent heart disease, using diets rich in polyunsaturated vegetable oils, have failed. Findings indicate that oxidative damage leading to atherosclerosis, is not caused by high levels of cholesterol, but by weak cell membranes. This is caused by a diet too high in polyunsaturated fatsand too low in saturated fats.

The Value of Omega-3 Fats

The US FDA  (Food & Drug Administration) now acknowledges the cardiovascular benefits of Omega-3 fats obtained from fish oil and animals. These benefits include:
  1. Lowering blood triglycerides and lipids (fats)
  2. Reducing blood viscosity (thickness)
  3. Reducing tendency to clotting
  4. Reducing your chances of a heart attack
A high LDL (bad) Cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) level is an attempt to overcome your body’s lowered production of cholesterol sulphate, which is vital for heart and brain function. The recommendations now focus on having a diet low in polyunsaturated vegetable oils, and higher in Omega-3 fats. Foods highest in Omega-3 fats include Salmon (Mr Vitamins recommends Wild Alaskan Salmon), Flax Seeds and Walnuts. There are also excellent forms of Omega-3 supplements, most of which are fish oil. Be sure to get a high quality fish oil from a reputable brand. (Ask a Naturopath at Mr Vitamins). You can read more about Omega-3 and Fish Oil in our previous article: Is Fish Oil Really Good For You?.

Fine-Tune Your Diet

For the best advice for your circumstances please talk to one of our qualified Naturopaths at Mr Vitamins when you visit the store. They are skilled in Nutrition and familiar with the latest scientific information from both the Medical and Naturopathic worlds. For Omega-3 supplements, there are many to choose from. We recommend you ‘Ask a Naturopath’.

Should You Stop Taking Cholesterol Tablets?

On no account should you alter or stop any medication prescribed by your doctor for any condition without consulting them.