6 Ways to Keep Your Eyesight Strong and Healthy

6 Ways to Keep Your Eyesight Strong and Healthy | Mr Vitamins
It’s important to know how to reduce your risk of developing Macular Degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in Australia. Without prevention or treatment the number of those affected by this condition is set to double by 2030. The Macula is the very centre of your retina, at the back of your eye. It is responsible for your central, detailed vision; your ability to read, distinguish faces and drive. Macular Degeneration causes progressive, painless loss of this central fine vision. Here are some simple ways to minimise your risk of Macular Degeneration.
  1. Get your eyes tested and your Macular checked
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Enjoy a balanced lifestyle with plenty of fresh air, regular exercise and relaxation
  4. Makes sure your diet includes:
    • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables and Fresh Fruits daily
    • Fish - two or three times per week
    • Nuts - a couple of handfuls a week
    • Healthy fats and oils – limit your intake and avoid trans-fats
  5. Protect your eyes from intense sunlight
  6. Speak to your Naturopath or Health Care professional about supplements to help your eyesight and prevent Macular Degeneration