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Recovery, the most important step you can take after colds and flu

Recovery, the most important step you can take after colds and flu | Mr Vitamins
With winter almost over, now is the time to strengthen your immune system, and help your body recover from colds, fluand winter infections. Too often we skip the opportunity to fully recover, but supporting healthyrecovery is easy, here’s how…

The importance of recovery

Once upon a time we took time out to fully recover from colds and flu…children were kept home from school and grownups didn’t go to work. We rested, ate chicken soup and were given adequate time to convalesce during this final but important stage of illness. There are three stages to an infection, and while recovery comes last it’s certainly important when it comes to good immune health:
  1. Resistance phase – preparation before an infection starts
  2. Acute phase – infectious phase of illness
  3. Recovery phase – recuperation after illness

The golden rule to recovering well is rest!

Too often we prematurely push on, without letting our immune system and Defensive Qi (vital energy) recover from illness. This can make us susceptive to potential repeat infections and deplete our vitality. Taking time out to let your body recuperate supports healthy recovery.

Healthy immune function and vitality

Chinese herbs, known as ‘immune restoratives’ can help restore a healthy immune system and speed up recovery from colds, flu, tonsillitis and bronchitis. Here’s how immune tonic herbs can help;
  • Support healthy immune system recovery during convalescence
  • Restore depleted white blood cells after an infection
  • Replenish Defensive Qi(vital energy), which can become depleted during illness

Chinese immune restorative herbs for recovery during convalescence

The 8 Chinese herbs in Fusion® Health Astra 8™ Immune Tonicwork well together to help recovery during convalescence.Consider taking Astra 8 Immune Tonic 2 tablets twice daily for 7-14 days to promote recovery during convalescence. If you have a cough, you can team your Astra 8 with Cough Lung Tonic. Watch this quick video on Getting Help to Recover Quickly from Chronic Respiratory Conditions...   Tip for kids: Fusion® Health Astra 8™ Immune Tonic can also be given to children either as a liquid dose in juice or as tablets which can be easily crushed and mixed with food (raw honey works really well).  'Ask a Naturopath'for specific help with dosing for your child.

Mr Vitamins recommends

Fusion Health® Astra 8™ Immune Tonic (now extra strength!) to promote recovery during convalescence. Find out more about Fusion Health® Astra 8™ Immune Tonic here For more on staying healthy this winter, check out our Top tips for winter wellness. As always, whatever questions or concerns you have about your health this winter, all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’.