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We Value Your Feedback - Here's one Customer's story

Hands Holding FeedbackHello Fellow Health Seekers,

‘But my doctor said!' Are these the three most unhelpful words in the English language? I have been a Mr Vitamins customer and fan for many years. I gave up listening to doctors many years ago – ‘sorry were they speaking to me?’ I discovered through Mr V, how to become my own doctor for my every day health and well being. If everyone did this, it could well be the best way of reducing the cost of public health.

Helping your body to heal itself

I have always believed in my body’s natural recuperative powers, so colds, flu and fevers are welcomed and natural, to keep my Immune System on its toes. Reading your body to tell you the state of your own health beats reading a computer. No one has more to lose from poor concern for their own health than you. If you opt for ‘Doctor First Principles’ your health is in another’s hands. Eddie in ChinaSome of us remember the health benefits of chemical free good nourishing food. These days only those that grow their own food need not worry about taking extra vitamins and supplements. Tuning in to my body’s health and wellbeing has taught me a lot about how I tick and how to ask the right questions from practitioners. Health seekers arrive at taking this approach from many directions, from every level of knowledge and experience. Australians are a clever bunch! At a Seminar in California, American Doctors admitted that the Hippocratic Oath was indeed a pledge to keep Medical Practice a secret, to keep it in house and mystify the public. Australians are far too anti-authoritarian to cop this lying down; we want to know about our health. And there is a lot to know, too much really.

Ask a Naturopath

There is a lot a Mr Vitamins Naturopath can tell you about supplement dosage, ingredients and their function, right there on the floor of the shop, but it also helps to book a consultation with an experienced and qualified Naturopath. Actually it was Mr Vitamins who first introduced Naturopaths into its retail operation. Not a popular idea back then. Now there is a Naturopath available to welcome any question. Chances are you may be a beginner to the world of Natural Medicine so feel free to ask the most basic question, I did because I was more concerned about my health than looking feeble by asking a simple question. If your current practitioner is not giving you the right answers I suggest you get yourself to Mr Vitamins in Chatswood. I am happy to share my experiences because I am so much healthier from the years of being a customer of Mr Vitamins. Here's one to leave you with. For years I took one to tree Omega 3 caps per day but when I heard a young Volley Ball Player say that he took 12 or more, or he could not play, I slowly increased my intake to 9 a day and feel so much better for it. If you want to share your experiences let Mr Vitamins know Use the contact form on this website I now live in China but still manage (with great difficulty) to get my regular supplement supply sent here to me. These include:
  • Omega 3
  • Glucosamine
  • Magnesium
  • Chromium
  • Kyolic Garlic
  • Ester C
  • Anti Oxidants
  • Lutien
  • Multi Vitamins
  • - and a few more if I can sneak them in before the parcel gets too heavy
The Best of Health to you From: Eddie Shenyang China