Let's introduce you to Garcinia for Weight Loss

Let's introduce you to Garcinia for Weight Loss | Mr Vitamins
When it comes to talk about weight loss, Garcinia is on everyone’s lips, and here’s why… Garcinia has a long history of helping weight loss naturally, so where does it come from and how does it work? Also known as Brindleberry, different Garciniaspecies grow naturally in different places; Garcinia quaesita is native to India, whereas Garcinia cambogia grows in Indonesia. Both help with weight loss, and work well taken together.

What’s so special about Garcinia?

Both Garcinia quaesita and Garcinia cambogia contain a natural compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which appears to be the key in providing weight loss benefits. HCA has been found to inhibit the perception of hunger in overweight people, thus inhibiting appetite. HCA also increases lean muscle mass and healthy body composition, . (Link to Weight Loss ABCs).

How does it work for weight loss?

More than one-third of Australians are considered to be overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 25-29, and the prevalence of weight gain in Australia is increasing every year. An energy controlled diet and regular exercise are important to keep weight within a healthy range, however over eating can be a big factor in weight gain. Let’s take a closer look at one way your body regulates your appetite. Your body uses chemical signals to tell you when you are full (satiated) and to stop eating. Serotonin for example, is involved in regulating eating behaviour and appetite control. It has been suggested that HCA may inhibit appetite by positively affecting the serotonin levels available to regulate appetite(Ohia SE 2002).

Mr Vitamins recommends

FUSION Weight Lossto inhibit appetite, promote fat metabolism and assist weight loss*. Fusion Weight Loss is the only Australian weight loss product with GarCitrin®, a clinically evidenced extract of Garcinia quaesita standardised to hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and garcinol, which amplifies the weight loss action of HCA by 45%. Garcinia Cambogia standardised to 60% HCA is added to provide a total of 400mg of HCA per tablet for optimal effects.     Fusion Weight Loss combines well with Fusion Weight Burncontaining Green Coffeeextract (Thermolean™ providing 47.5% CGA) and Green Tea(234mg catechins) to enhance fat burning and weight loss*. Find out more about Fusion Health Weight Loss and Weight Burn here See our Weight Loss Tips, and find out more about Green Tea & Coffee As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding your health and weight loss, all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins andAsk a Naturopath. *When combined with regular exercise and a calorie-controlled diet