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Insect Bites? Essential Oils to the Rescue

Insect Bites? Essential Oils to the Rescue | Mr Vitamins
Summer is already here it seems, and with it lots of flies, mozzies, ticks, and many more little Aussie favourites, so beware of insect bites! If you don’t want them attending every BBQ or bush walk, and you want to keep insect repellents natural, here are some great options.

Insect Bite Prevention

You may have grown up with Citronella candles and coils, in which the key ingredient is a naturally occurring chemical found in many lemon scented oils.  Oils traditionally known in Aromatherapy as insect repellents are:
  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon Scented Tea Tree
A more recent addition to Aromatherapy is Australian native oil, called Kunzea, also known as Tick Bush. This name comes from stories that Australian native animals often seek relief from ticks by lying under this bush (clever things!). Any blend containing these oils will help keep insects away.  Blend two or more together to synergistically increase their insect repellent potential.  Use them in any proportion to create an aroma that you like (you can use an empty bottle to mix them in), and if you need to enhance the aroma add another oil of your choice. Your blend can now be used in any of the following ways:
  • In an essential oil diffuser.
  • Directly onto surfaces such as door frames, window frames, inside drawers and cupboards. Caution: do not use undiluted essential oils on polished or varnished surfaces.
  • In a lotion applied to your skin. Add 2 drops of your blend to a teaspoon of lotion Caution: do not use undiluted essential oils directly on your skin.
  • In a spray and applied to surfaces or clothing. A spray can be made as follows: In a 100ml spray bottle, add 50 drops of your essential oil blend, fill with water.  Shake and spray.

Insect Bite Tips for safe and effective Aromatherapy use

  • Re-apply regularly, every hour or so, when outdoors.
  • Apply to clothes and surrounding surfaces in preference to skin, especially for children. Essential oils, unlike vegetable oils do not leave clothes greasy or stained.
  • Caution: Do not use on children under the age of 3 years.

Insect Bite Treatment

Have the following on hand for rapid treatment and relief of most stings and bites:
  • Kunzea - A drop of Kunzea directly onto a tick may immobilise the tick for safe removal.
  • A blend of 20 drops Lavender to 1 drop Peppermint in a base of 20ml Aloe Verajuice or gel. Remove the tick or any stingers etc., then use the blend (dab it on the insect bite) as often as needed to reduce itching and pain.
Note: If the bite or sting causes more than just a little pain, redness and itching and if there are symptoms other than in the area of the bite please seek medical attention.

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Aromatherapist Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell is a qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching, and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy and Energy Healing You can learn more about Maria here