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The Best (Healthy) Gourmet Gift Ideas

The Best (Healthy) Gourmet Gift Ideas | Mr Vitamins
What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received? Sometimes the worst gifts are easier to remember than the best ones! The black negligee from a Great Aunt at age 7 – an Ironing board cover (yes, really… ) or a $10 food basket with food you don’t eat. It was the thought that counts, right? Wrong!

Best Gourmet Gift Idea

Need some ideas to be the perfect giver? Visit Mr Vitamins for some excellent gift ideas for everyone on your list. As the Gift Giver - think about what your Gift Recipient will appreciate, use and enjoy? Are they picky eaters, demand 100% natural and request only the best? You are already a valued Mr Vitamins customer and know the benefits of all the trusted brands they sell. There are many gift ideas that may be hidden. However which gift do you think could fit everyone on our list:
  1. Body Builder will enjoy a boost in natural energy for his smoothies
  2. Grump Grandmawill love some sweetness on her morning toast
  3. Best Teacher Ever might need to be a bit sweeter
  4. Health-nut Neighbour – who always drops off her latest sugarless creations for you to try – might benefit with a natural sweetener
  5. Pregnant Cousin with 4 kids, may enjoy a gift for her alone and her morning tea
  6. Big Boss - the guy that has everything and tells everyone how much he has – will be impressed with a natural gourmet gift and top brand
  7. Work Gift Exchange –when the same ol’ bottle of wine doesn’t do it anymore – think of something everyone in the office would love to take home!

Manuka Honey!

If you think back to all the gifts you have received – what is the most memorable? The sweetest? … most gourmet? … most natural? Think Manuka Health Manuka Honey for the trusted premium quality, best taste and smooth consistency. Next Year? Keep a Gift page in your diary to list great gift ideas throughout the year – and even a small space in your cupboard to put the things you find during Mr Vitamin’s catalogue sales, for gifts required in a hurry.

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