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6 Vital Pre-Conception Steps for a Healthy Baby

6 Vital Pre-Conception Steps for a Healthy Baby | Mr Vitamins
The life you lead prior to conception has a large influence on not only the health of your growing child, but the subsequent generations to come as shown by epigenetic studies. We now know that proper pre-conception preparation has a positive effect the next three generations. This changes how you approach wanting to conceive because you are now able to enhance your baby's health before they arrive. It is for these reasons that it’s so important to look at your life holistically when preparing to conceive.

Naturopaths help you get healthy

Working with a Naturopath is a great way to prepare for a baby as they can look at all aspects of your health. As a result they are able to help bring you into the healthiest version of yourself in order to create a healthy, happy baby. Rather than just putting yourself onto a supplement program it is ideal to have one made for you and work with a professional to ensure all avenues of health have been considered before conceiving, to create a healthy pregnancy.

6 Steps you can begin today to prepare for conception

  1. Pregnancy multivitamins contain the best levels of vitamins a woman requires to conceive. Look for brands which have activated nutrients that enhance absorption and utilisation, to improve processes like DNA formation and chromosomal health for conception.
  2. Prior to conception follow a detoxification program to remove toxic substances from your body, as you cannot do this while pregnant.
  3. Eliminate alcohol and smoking completely,they cause damage to DNA and chromosomes which are essential for the health of ovarian follicles which will become your baby.
  4. Address any unresolved health issues. You need to be healthy before conceiving especially as some health conditions can be detrimental to the health of your foetus.
  5. Eliminate environmental toxins found in the following: perfume, commercial beauty products, commercial grown fruit, vegetables and meat, plastic containers, plastic water bottles and chemicals to clean your home.
  6. Exercise prepares your body for the energetic demand of conception, pregnancy and raising children. It’s important to be healthy, fit and strong beforehand rather than trying to become fit when you’re energetically depleted.
If you are considering becoming pregnant, please book in for a health assessment with Chloe Okorn.

Naturopath Chloe Okorn

Chloe is passionate about fertility, preconception care and IVF preparation and she considers preparing for conception to be one of the most important things you can do as a prospective parent.       References: Naish. F & Roberts. J 2000The Natural Way to Better Babies