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Honey - straight from the honeycomb

Honey - straight from the honeycomb | Mr Vitamins
Honey straight from the honeycomb has all the main amino acids and necessary B, C, D and E vitamins

Here we see three main amino acids found in honey and some interesting facts regarding them!

Lysine – explains exactly why honey boasts anti-viral properties and we love it in our herbal teas in flu season. Because it holds anti-viral activity! Protecting us from nasty viruses. Lysine is important for intestinal absorption of calcium, B6 and thus promotes bone growth! It also fights fatigue, helps infection and boost immunity. Needing more? Lysine is also found in bean sprouts, watercress, chicken and legumes!

Tyrosine – helps with concentration, memory and cognitive function especially under stressful conditions. It is also known to improve exercise tolerance as well as Increasing alertness. Tyrosine is the precursor to many different hormones one in particular the adreno-cortical hormones, tyrosine’s influence on the adrenal-cortisol pathway explains why it helps with stress, and is often needed in times of adrenal fatigue.  Did this spark your interest? Tyrosine is also found in almonds, avocados and bananas! I love almond milk, avocado, banana and honey smoothies! YUM!!

Phenylalanine – a precursor to tyrosine, making sense why both are abundant in raw honey! This leading to the synthesis of hormones such as noradrenaline, melanin and dopamine to name a few. Making it also a mood enhancer in times of stress or even for PMS as well as aiding in menstrual cramps. Cramps bad? try adding a sprinkle of honey to your almonds which are equally high in phenylalanine. Eggs, lentils and nuts are too!

Other facts about honey...

  • Honey packs a punch of powerful and essential enzymes
  • Raw honey is an alkaline forming food helping to maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance
  • The alkalising effect in your digestive tract may assist indigestion
  • Raw honey contains the probiotic bifidobacteria; a good bacteria for gut health.  It’s also a prebiotic, encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract