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Don’t store Sugar as fat! - Stop sugar in its tracks

Don’t store Sugar as fat! - Stop sugar in its tracks | Mr Vitamins
Sugar is processed by your body in a number of ways, but did you know the more you eat, the greater chance that it will be stored by your body as fat?

High Blood Sugar Levels – cause for concern

The reason for this is that your body can only use a certain amount of sugar at a time. When your blood sugar level rises beyond this point, your liver actually works to firstly convert this sugar into a storage molecule known as glycogen. Glycogen is primarily used as a back-up energy source, when your body has used up all the freely available sugar in your blood stream. This is the kind of energy athletes ‘store up’ before a major event, by eating lots of pasta and other complex carbohydrates the night before a big race or meet.

How Sugar becomes fat

But beware, if you eat so much sugar that your glycogen store sites fill up, there is really only one place that sugar can go. Your liver converts it to fat. Fat can only be used as an energy source, if there is absolutely no sugar or glycogen available for the conversion back into energy, so it is much more difficult to shift, once stored.

The benefits of green coffee bean extract

Interestingly, green coffee bean extract works to not only reduce how much sugar is converted into both glycogen and fat, but also to reduce the intestinal absorption of sugar. This means that you gain two benefits – reducing the amount of sugar that enters your bloodstream in the first place, along with reducing the amount of sugar stored as either glycogen or fat. The reason green coffee bean extract works so well to reduce the absorption and storage of glucose in your body, is due to its high Chlorogenic acid level.

Nutralife Svetol 2800 Max 30CMr Vitamins recommends

Nutra-Life Green Coffee Bean 2800 One-a-day Sourced from decaffeinated Coffea cannephora beans, this high potency Svetol® Green Coffee Bean extract, assists in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels and supports glycaemic control. This high potency one-a-day formula, contains 190mg of Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids are potent antioxidants, found in small levels in coffee as a beverage (an average of 3-6 cups of coffee – depending on the brewing method, will give you the same amount of Chlorogenic acids as one Nutra-Life Green Coffee Bean 2800 One-a-day. Find out more about Nutra-Life Green Coffee Bean MAX 2800 here See also our article 5 tips for healthy blood sugar levels