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The genetic secret to improving your health and feeling great?

The genetic secret to improving your health and feeling great? | Mr Vitamins
We are starting to see more and more reports on the impact of your genetic health on your general wellbeing and how this can lead to avoiding chronic disease. Looking after the health of your genes is important. We all have many gene mutations and hopefully none of these will ever lead to ill health. Basically we want to stop these bad genes from expressing themselves. Gene expression is simply a measure of the choices you make and the impact that has on your health and wellbeing and how well your body functions. So while you can’t change your genes you can learn more about them so that you can make the right choices to improve your health outcomes.

How can you find out about your genes?

The role of DNA (genetic) testing is a complex and evolving science. 'Fitgenes' is an international provider of personalised health and wellbeing. Based on Nutrigenomics, the profile looks at the genes that are influenced by your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise choices. The Fitgenes Genetic Profile can only be offered by degree qualified professionals.

Who would benefit from Genetic Profiling?

In an article Are you looking after your genetic health we discussed how epigenetics affects your health (the effect of food and lifestyle on your genetic health) and what you can do to support your DNA. Most people want to find out about their individual inherited genes, what they mean to them, and how to best nurture themselves and their genes for:
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Weight management
  • Healthier aging
  • Menopause balance and hormone regulation
  • Healthy heart and understanding cardiovascular risk areas for cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Pain and inflammation
  • What type of exercise works best
The idea of a genetic profile is to provide the information needed to maximise the best potential for healthy living and aging. A personalised program is based on choosing better nutritional and lifestyle matches for your genes.

What genes are tested?

  • The testing panel is grouped by primary physiological effects that they have on your body
  • Inflammation
  • Cell defence
  • Cardiovascular health (this included MTHFR)
  • Fat metabolism and cholesterol regulation
  • Vitamin D metabolism

Fitgenes_certified_practioner_CMYKHow easy is it to get a genetic profile?

The testing is based on a non-invasive saliva sample and is completed at our consultation rooms. It is then sent to the laboratory, analysed and returned as a personalised genetic profile. If distance is a problem we can post the profile kit to you and provide your consultations via Skype. Using your report we are able to address the facets of your genetic profile. This means you are provided with a treatment plan of nutritional supplements that will be of maximum benefit to you, the best food recommendations and the most beneficial type of exercise to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Find out more about Genetic Testing with Naturopath Janne Ramsay

Janne Ramsay NaturopathMr Vitamins Naturopath, Janne Ramsay is a certified ‘Fitgenes’ practitioner. She has been trained on how to analyse and interpret the Fitgenes results, and to utilise them along with her knowledge as a naturopath and nutritionist to create the best individual treatment plan for her clients. Since there is a large amount of the information provided from your Fitgenes profile, the results and treatment plan are often best covered in a series of consultations. Learn more about Janne and Fitgenes here