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Could This Nutrient Lower the Risk and Recurrence of Breast Cancer?

Could This Nutrient Lower the Risk and Recurrence of Breast Cancer? | Mr Vitamins
Over the years, research has been aimed at finding better methods to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Recently, one of those studies discovered other factors in the formation of tumours, which may explain why breast and other cancers have been so difficult to treat and often return aggressively. Additionally, while examining how those factors function, researchers believe that they may have uncovered an ancient solution to breast cancer.

Cancer goes beyond Genetics

For decades, cancer specialists believed that cancer was solely the result of DNA mutation that in turn caused cells to grow uncontrollably. However, recent findings suggest that it is actually a subset of cells called cancer stem cells that develop into cancer and make it such a malicious disease.

Cancer Stem Cells: What all Cancer treatments should be targeting

Cancer stem cells, also known as mother cells, can infinitely renew themselves and produce daughter cells to form a tumour. While daughter cells cannot live forever, mother cells can survive for long periods of time and are even resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. As a matter of fact, traditional chemotherapy and radiation can promote an increase in mother cells. The following outlines how cancer is often (but inadequately) treated:
  • The patient receives a therapy to shrink his or her tumours
  • The patient’s cancer goes into remission
  • The patient’s cancer returns and this time more aggressively
When tumours shrink, that is actually daughter cells being destroyed; the daughter cells may even die off completely to give the illusion of remission. Nevertheless, the mother cells are the actual root of the cancer, so they grow more malignant as a result of the therapy causing the cancer to return. And scientists think this process applies to breast cancer treatment.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer…most of the time

Overall, breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is based on a number of generalisations. One of those generalisations involves changes in the shape of breast tissue. Almost any breast abnormality can be labeled as cancerous and thereby be subjected to any of the following radical treatments:
  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
Still, many of these abnormalities may merely be the result of cancer stem cell growth! Thus, weakening cancer stem cells with an ancient nutrient as opposed to strengthening them with chemotherapy is essential.

Vitamin D: Mother Nature’s Immune Regulator

In order to explore the theory of fighting cancer by targeting cancer stem cells, scientists developed a culture of mammary gland cells containing both breast cancer stem cells and non-stem cells. Then, they exposed the culture to vitamin D3 and the results were remarkable. First of all, the irregularly shaped mammary gland cells took on a more organised and symmetrical shape. Secondly, certain cancer cell markers and growth factors in the culture decreased. These results indicated to researchers that vitamin D maybe effective in preventing breast cancer and as an adjunct to treatment,  while limiting its recurrence.

Vitamin D treatment for Breast Cancer poses many benefits

Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” and exposure to direct sunlight allows the body to naturally manufacture Vitamin D.  Research into Vitamin D indicates a role for Vtamin D in Breast Cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Vitamin D supplements are affordable and can be taken for both preventive and treatment purposes
  • Vitamin D lacks the harmful side effects that come along with traditional cancer therapy
For more information or if you have questions or concerns, remember to ‘Ask a Naturopath.’ Reference:


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