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3 Ways to Protect Breast Health with Vitamin D

3 Ways to Protect Breast Health with Vitamin D | Mr Vitamins
Protecting and taking care of breast health is a high priority. Do you know that one simple vitamin has been shown to cut the risk of breast cancer by 600 percent? A study, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has shown that women in Saudi Arabia who have a low Vitamin D level have an increased risk, 6 times more, of developing breast cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise and can be caused by lack of exposure to sun, wearing sunscreen, obesity and diet. Vitamin D is also responsible for preventing musculo-skeletal problems like Rickets and diseases such as:
  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • mental disorders
  • autoimmune problems
This vitamin is essential for the overall health of your body.

Am I at risk of Vitamin D deficiency?

Everyone one is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency but especially those who are overweight, pregnant women, children and the elderly. Obese children and adults need 2 –5 times more of this vitamin due to the fact that vitamin D gets ‘trapped’ in fat and cannot be used by the body. You are also at risk if you live a more sedentary lifestyle spending more time inside than out in the sun.

How much Vitamin D do I need?

It is recommended to have your level of this vitamin tested either through your healthcare professional or doctor If you Vitamin D level is below 40 ng/ml (USA) or 100 nmol/l (Australia) your levels are too low.

How to get more Vitamin D in your diet

  1. Lifestyle It is recommended that adults get 5 –10 minutes of sun on their face, arms and hands a day in the summer months and 20 minutes per day in the winter months. Morning to afternoon when the sun is at its peak is the best time to soak in those rays.
  2. Diet Vitamin D rich foods are: wild caught salmon, sardines, eggs, butter, liver and mushrooms.
  3. Supplementation Vitamin D is readily available in supplement form.
‘Ask a naturopath’ for the more information on the amount of thompsons-vitamin-d3-1000iuvitamin D that you would work best for you. Vitamin D can be important ally in fighting disease – and maintaining breast and overall health. Have your Vitamin D levels checked today.

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