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Is brown fat the key to weight loss?

Is brown fat the key to weight loss? | Mr Vitamins
Studies have shown that actually two types of fat exist within your body—brown fat and white fat. The former can aid in weight loss and the latter represents the fat you’re trying to get rid of! Thus, researchers believe that activating brown fat may be the secret to eliminating white fat.

What exactly is Brown Fat?

This fat makes up most of the fat found in newborn animals, including humans. Infants need it to generate heat by burning calories to help them maintain their body temperature. However, that it does not disappear after infancy. In fact, it remains into adulthood and provides a number of other functions.

Preventing Insulin Resistance

One study discovered that adults with high quantities of brown fat also had faster metabolisms, better blood sugar regulation, and greater insulin sensitivity. Consequently, it may not only boost weight loss, but also prevent weight-related diseases such as diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity.

Body shape: A good indicator of Brown Fat percentage?

Almost everyone has heard of or experienced that sudden spread of stubborn fat during the middle-age years. Well, the reason for this is that the heat-generating effects of brown fat decline with age and it becomes deactivated. Now, this fat appears to be abundant in certain groups of people including:
  • Women
  • Slender people
  • Younger people
  • Individuals with normal blood sugar levels
  • Individuals NOT taking beta-blockers for high blood pressure

And the million dollar question is…“How do I activate my Brown Fat?!”

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