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Prevent Forgetfulness as You Age with This Activity

Prevent Forgetfulness as You Age with This Activity | Mr Vitamins
Forgetfulness can affect you at any age, however, as you grow older it can become more frequent and more limiting to your lifestyle! Did you know that the way you live affects the way you age? It’s true! So, the time to start thinking about your health as you grow older is now. Of course, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water slows the ageing process; but, what about your brain? Fortunately, there is an activity you can do at any age, it is inexpensive, and it keeps your mind sharp as you age. And that activity is exercise!

Exercise—the best investment for your future

Similar to saving money, the earlier you start exercising and the more consistent you are in exercising, the more health benefits you can expect. After all, your brain and muscle function are so closely connected that there are little to no other activities, like exercise, that require your brain and muscles to work together. As you age, your muscles’ risk of atrophy increases as well as your brain’s risk. Therefore, physical activity is the best way to protect your brain and muscle mass. In fact, exercise is so effective that it is capable of preventing as well as reversing brain and muscle decay.

Forget forgetfulness - stand up for your Brain…

Despite what you may hear elsewhere, mental and cognitive decline are not inevitable parts of ageing. Staying active can keep your mind sharp no matter your age. On the other hand, excess sitting is not only worse than not exercising, it also harms your overall health. So, here are some ways you can take a stand for your brain health every day:
  • Limit your sitting as much as possible
  • Take a walk every day
  • Participate in both low and high-intensity exercises for a well-rounded fitness program
  • Consider getting a fitness tracker to monitor how many steps you take each day (aim for 7,000 to 10,000 steps in addition to your fitness program)
  • ‘Ask a Naturopath’ what type of exercise is most beneficial for you