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5 Tips On How to Get The Most from Weight Loss Supplements

5 Tips On How to Get The Most from Weight Loss Supplements | Mr Vitamins
1. The many faces of Camellia sinensis ‘Fermentation’ of tea (Camellia sinensis) makes red and black teas, while ‘semi-fermentation’ creates oolong tea. When it comes to health benefits, it’s ‘non-fermentation’ that gives us Green tea, preserving the catechins which imbue Green Teawith its weight loss benefits (not to mention its antioxidant properties!) 2. Coffea canephora,or Green Coffee to its friends can also help with weight loss... Research suggests high amounts of chlorogenic acids (CGA) supplied by Green Coffee may be more beneficial for weight loss than low doses. Thermolean™ is a potent Green Coffee extract providing 47.5% CGA. 3. Consider adding the benefits of Garciniato help modulate your appetite. FUSION Weight Loss contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) derived from this herbal extract. 4. Timing is important; FUSION Weight Loss is best taken half an hour to an hour before meals, while Fusion Weight Burn, providing Green Coffee and Green Tea together, is best taken after meals. Weight Burn and Weight Loss may be taken together to enhance weight loss efforts. If you want the added benefit of healthy liver detoxification, consider taking FUSION Liver Tonic before bed. 5. Maintaining your healthy weight requires regular exercise, so find a physical activity you enjoy and can stick with. Research suggests creating a new behaviour (such as daily exercise) tends to become a regular habit when it is achievable, done after something you already do and is celebrated in a small way each time you do it. Going for a walk after your morning cup of tea for example, is a good way to build your exercise into your current routine, and remember to give yourself a pat on the back each time! *When combined with regular exercise and a calorie-controlled diet **In normal healthy individuals