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Green Coffee & Green Tea: Teamwork for weight loss

Green Coffee & Green Tea: Teamwork for weight loss | Mr Vitamins
Enhancing healthy weight loss just makes sense; you have a healthy diet, exercise when you can, but sometimes you need a little extra help to burn fat. Read on to find out how using the synergy of Green Coffee and Green Tea together, might be the natural boost to weight lossyou are looking for.

Green Tea shows growing success for Weight Loss

It all began in China, when the first cup of steaming Green Tea was poured more than 4,000 years ago... Even then Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) was revered for its health benefits. Although the species is the same as black tea, the processing of Green Tea preserves the polyphenol content which today is becoming increasingly known for its antioxidant properties and benefits in weight loss.

Check these benefits of Green Tea for losing weight...

You don’t need all the technical details – but if you are keen to know more, it’s the catechins, a specific group of polyphenols from Green Tea that help with weight loss. Research shows taking 690mg of Green Tea catechins each day can significantly reduce body weight, waist measurements, body mass index (BMI) and amount of body fat. When it comes to weight loss, we are learning that the combined synergy of natural medicine can offer us exciting benefits.  In this story, Green Tea finds its companion with Green Coffee

What’s so special about Green Coffee for burning fat?

Green Coffee (Coffea canephora) is different from the cappuccino you enjoy at your local café. It contains chlorogenic acids (CGA) which have been shown to significantly reduce body weight, BMI* and body fat percentage. CGA from Green coffee also slows down fat and glucose absorption and helps maintain blood sugar levels, important for weight loss.

Some things just work well together to help you manage weight

Both Green Coffee and Green Tea contain fat-burning (thermogenic) compounds that activate your fat cells into burning body fat for energy, so combining them could be the answer. Green Coffee and Green Tea:
  • Promote burning of stored fat for energy
  • Regulate fat and glucose absorption from food
  • Help maintain healthy fat and sugar metabolism**

Mr Vitamins recommends Fusion Health® Weight Burn

FUSION Health Weight Burn contains Green Coffeeextract(Thermolean™) and Green Teato enhance fat burning and weight loss FUSION Health® Weight Burncombines well with FUSION Health® Weight Lossfor appetite control and blood sugar regulation† and FUSION Health® Liver Tonic to promote healthy liver detoxification during weight loss. Find out more about FUSION Health® Weight Burn

How to get the most from Weight Loss Supplements

See also our 5 Tips On How to Get The Most from Weight Loss Supplements As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding your health and weight loss, all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’. † = in normal healthy individuals.