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Heel Lymphomyosot

pack size: 30ml

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Heel Lymphomyosot N Drops 30ml New - Heel medications are used in the framework of their unique therapeutic system in order to stimulate the body’s own bio-regulating processes. The principle works on activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance. Heel aim to build the bridge between conventional medicine and homeopathy and providing a scientific footing through modern state-of-the art research.


  • Helps with the treatment of lymphatic disorders, glandular swelling, tonsillitis and recurrent infections. Also indicated to help with the detoxification of the body and with drainage.


10 g (= 10.5 ml; 1 ml = 18 drops) contains: active substances: Myosotis arvensis Dil. D3 0.5 g, Veronica officinalis Dil. 0.5 g, Teucrium scorodonia Dil. D3 0.5 g, Pinus sylvestris Dil. D4 0.5 g, Gentiana lutea Dil. D5 0.5 g, Equisetum hiemale (HAB 34) Dil. D4 (HAB, Provision 2a) 0.5 g, Smilax Dil. D6 0.5 g, Scrophularia nodosa Dil. D3 0.5 g, Calcium phosphoricum Dil. D12 0.5 g, Natrium sulfuricum Dil. D4 0.5 g, Fumaria officinalis Dil. D4 0.5 g, Levothyroxinum Dil. D12 (HAB, Provision 6) 0.5 g, Aranea diadema (HAB 34) Dil. D6 [HAB, Provision 4b, Ø with Ethanol 86% (m/m)] 0.5 g, Geranium robertianum Dil. D4 1.0 g, Nasturtium officinale Dil. D4 1.0 g, Ferrum jodatum Dil. D12 (HAB, Provision 6) 1.0 g. Joint potentiating effect over the last 2 stages. Other components: purified water.

suggested dose

Dosage: in general, 15-20 drops 3 times daily. The drops may be taken in a little water and should be held in the mouth for 10-15 seconds before swallowing. Replace cap tightly after use. It is recommended not to eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking the medication.