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Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder

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Blooms Cholesterol Balance Powder provides high quality betaglucan in a convenient powder to reduce blood cholesterol naturally.

Unflavoured and unsweetened with absolutely no additives, a daily dose of 100% pure Blooms Cholesterol Balance Powder can be added to food or beverages without adding anything unnecessary into the mix. It has a neutral taste, to minimise interference with the taste of a meal.

This powder has been scientifically researched and shown to reduce blood cholesterol.

  • Sugar free, fat free. Derived from oats, may contain traces of gluten.
  • May contain traces of wheat, barley or rye.
  • Contains no dairy, lactose or egg.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  • Benefits

    Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder contains 22% betaglucan which is 700% the betaglucan content of plain oats. Betaglucan is a concentrated, highly beneficial soluble fibre from the oat grain that forms a gel and binds to cholesterol inside the intestinal tract.Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder is sourced from Scandinavia and due to the advanced technology and precise processing controls, the beta-glucan has good solubility and a high molecular weight, important for gel formation to mop up excess cholesterol.Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta- Glucan Powder contains no colours, flavours or preservatives.

    Oral intake of Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder forms a gel inside the stomach and small intestine. This gel entraps bile acids reducing their absorption. As cholesterol is used to make biles acids, when levels drop, the body has to use more cholesterol to form more bile acids.This is the primary mechanism used by the body to remove excess cholesterol.


    品名:Blooms胆固醇平衡粉末 400克







    功效一 降低血液胆固醇

    功效二 维持心脏健康

    功效三 提升总体健康指数


    Beta-glucan powder.

    suggested dose

    Add 2 tablespoons ( 14grams ) to food or beverages.


    Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


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      15 September 2021
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product
      Beta glucan powder

      My cholesterol levels improved since I’ve started adding the powder to my food.