Pain Relief Workshop

Using an integrated approach combining herbs, essential oils, energy healing and years of experience, Maria shares with you strategies for pain relief that you can customise to your personal needs.

Why keep living with pain when you can experience freedom?

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What does PAIN mean to you?

  • Is your pain physical or emotional? acute or chronic? Does it matter?
  • Are you ready now to reduce your pain?
  • Have you tried medications for your pain?
  • Are you ready to try natural wholistic pain relief?
  • Are you ready to know the 5 approaches to pain relief?

Whether it’s:

  • body aches and pains
  • sciatica, arthritis, nerve pain
  • acute or chronic pain
  • headaches and migraine
  • heartache or emotional pain
  • anxiety or depression
  • joint pain or muscle aches

There is a better way than just living with pain.

Every individual is different, and it’s worthwhile finding a solution tailored to you.  Book in now and hear about Maria’s experience and insights into pain relief – using a multi-faceted approach and natural remedies. Discover whats right for you and how you can benefit.

“Medications for heart problems meant pain relief medication wasnt an option.  Maria created a remedy that reduced my pain, improved my sleep and lifted my depression.” Sid

“I used to trudge through life drained of energy, a headache always lurking just below the surface and my immune system wasn’t great either. After consulting Maria, the headaches are completely gone, I have a whole lot more energy and I was taught how to help myself to keep in balance.
Maria intuitively knew just what would help me and I felt an enormous benefit even after just one session. I now have a better understanding of the causes and have been taught how to deal with them.
Using what Maria taught me even helped to stop a recurrent sore throat in its tracks! Maria is a gifted, caring non-judgmental healer who treats people with kindness, understanding and respect. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had forgotten what it was like to actually feel well! :-)” ~ Amrita

“My first few appointments with Maria were filled with tears of pain, frustration and self judgement.  In time, with Maria’s help, they became tears of joy at how wonderful life is.” Katie

Maria Mitchell AromatherapistConsult Maria Mitchell At Mr Vitamins Clinic

Maria Mitchell is a qualified Herbalist and Aromatherapist with a special interest in Pain Relief, Sleep and Stress Management.
You can learn more about Maria here