Bianca Falvo

‘Transform your health through individulised nutrition’.

Bianca is a degree qualified Nutritionist whose mission is to promote, educate and support individuals live their healthiest life; focusing on simplicity and balance. Recommendations are individualised and based on evidence-based research which entails the use of ‘food as medicine’, dietary and lifestyle modifications and when appropriate, nutritional supplementation.
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Consultation with Bianca

An initial consultation with Bianca will include an in-depth health history, assessing you current health status and lifestyle, a diet analysis of your typical food intake and then an initial recommendation based on findings. Requests for further testing may be required.
Follow up consultations typically involve tracking progress, adjusting recommendations, answering questions and reviewing test results if applicable. Follow-ups also allow for support, education and accountability in order to achieve and sustain your health goals long term.
Health fund rebates may apply, depending on your level of cover.


Areas of interestBook Now

Bianca has a particular interest in skin disorders such as acne and eczema, food allergies and intolerances and weight management. Other areas include digestive conditions, mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, stress, sleep and energy.

Bianca’s Personalised Grocery Store Tour Package

Personalised, one-on-one shopping tours held at a local grocery store are ideal after your initial consultation. This ensures that your new diet or journey to good health is implemented with ease and that your next trip to the grocery store is stress-free. You will be guided on what foods and products to include and ones to avoid to benefit your current health needs. You will also be guided on how to read food labels, staple products to keep in your kitchen, and tips and tricks to keep healthy-eating simple and delicious’.   A follow up appointment allows for refining your food plan and answering any questions you may still have.

About Bianca

  • Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)
  • Member of ATMS

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