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Good Health (66 products)


Good Health is a proudly New Zealand operated business, started over a quarter of a century ago by John Blanchard. Influenced by his agriculture career, John discovered the health benefits of herbs and seed oils and in 1987 he opened the doors for business, and Good Health began.


Good Health has grown - we now offer a range of over 350 products to boost natural immunity and enhance health and vitality.


Our traditional values of integrity, quality and authenticity are as important now as they were when John started the company. We continually challenge ourselves to improve our products, offer down-to-earth advice and excellent service.


We're very proud of our New Zealand heritage. Good Health products are designed and developed right on our premises in Auckland, New Zealand.


Wellbeing and vitality are at the heart of everything we do, so we insist on using only the purest quality ingredients to support good health. Good Health supplements from sustainable resources and are GE free. Wherever possible, we source these first from New Zealand farms and growers, or accredited international manufacturers. Then we optimise their amazing natural properties through our unique enhancement processes.


Good Health Products have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which means our products are manufactured in a controlled environment according to strict procedures.


Our commitment to quality is guaranteed.


Developing new and more effective wellbeing products for our customers is a big part of Good Health. We’re proud of our innovation awards. We invest in naturopathic and technical research teams who develop world-class formulations, supported with the latest scientific studies and international research.


Mr Vitamins is a Good Health Australia stockist.


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