Why use Yoga to help recover from sports injuries

If you over train at the gym or play sports consistently, you are exposing yourself to injury. There are five muscles groups that are commonly strained when you’re sweating it out and pushing your body physically:
  • the Hamstrings,
  • the Quadriceps,
  • the hip and groin area,
  • the calf muscles, and
  • the extensor muscles of the back.
The common plan of attack when you are injured is to get some therapy and just wait until you’re better. But, there’s a more proactive way to heal your body, and it involves doing Yoga exercises.

Here are some reasons why you should do Yoga when you’re injured:

  1. Yoga Stretches Muscles and Joints

    When you do Yoga, you increase your flexibility and create better posture. Creating better posture means you align your head, shoulders, and pelvis to your spinal curvature. A balanced body frame helps to avoid future injury and pain. Additionally, basic yoga is low impact, but if you do it frequently, it will have a huge effect on your present state and body mechanics.
  2. Yoga stimulates the fluids in your body

    Yoga assists in the circulation of the synovial fluid and the lymph fluid in your cells. Synovial fluid is found in the cavities of your joints, and it reduces friction between the cartilage and the ends of your bones in your joints.
  3. Yoga reduces inflammation

    When you tear or strain a tendon or a ligament, you will experience joint pain. The stimulation of synovial fluid helps re-lubricate your joints, which reduces inflammation.
  4. Yoga grounds you

    An injury is frustrating for anybody. It’s common to get impatient and to want to go back to training sooner than you should. When you practice yoga, you work on aligning your body and mind through the breath and through meditation. These techniques will help you manage the stress of your injury.
  5. Yoga improves your sleep

    When you’re recovering from a sporting injury, sleep is essential for your body. Injuries result from physical pressure, and sleep gives your body time to recover fully. Yoga relaxes you mentally, physically, and spiritually, and that will improve your sleep quality.
  6. Yoga prevents future injury

    Yin Yoga strengthens your joints because it focuses on slow, yet, lengthy movement. You sit in poses for more than a few minutes at a time, and this decreases muscle stress while increasing joint strength.
Quick Recovery Tip:Remember that if your pain is severe, you must take the time to completely heal.  Additionally, attending Yoga classes might not benefit you as much as booking a session with a yoga therapist. Once you get individualized help, you can practice the exercises regularly at home. As you strengthen your body, you can change your yoga moves to reflect your gains.
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