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Vitamin K2 for Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin K2 for Cardiovascular Health | Mr Vitamins
One symptom of cardiovascular disease is increased hardening of the arteries. The stiffness of the arteries can be measured and monitored over time. One three year placebo controlled double blind study on post-menopausal women showed that a daily dose of 180 micrograms of vitamin K2 (MK7)(menaquinone 7) dramatically reduced arterial stiffness.

Inflammation is key

Other markers of cardiovascular health also improved, including inflammatory markers. Inflammation is known to be a potent driving factor behind heart disease. Deficiency of circulating levels of Vitamin K2 has been linked to calcification and progressive hardening and blocking of the arteries. His study shows that vitamin K2 is a key nutrient to seriously consider supplementing in our aging population.

One big cation with K2 supplementation (and vitamin K1):

Do not take Vitamin K with Warfarin and other Anti-coagulant Medications - Consult your GP or Cardiologist first. Want to know more? Talk to Naturopath Peter Radi…

Peter Radi – Naturopath and Nutritionist

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Peter Radi is a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist and has been in clinical practice since 2000. He is available for private consultations at the Mr Vitamins Clinic where he can provide you with more information to help you with a Supplement Review as well as personalised health improvement programs. Learn more about Peter here        Reference