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The easiest way to get professional health advice

The easiest way to get professional health advice | Mr Vitamins
Consumers are increasingly looking to the internet to find out more information about their health. This can be useful, with many people finding enough information to present a more thorough picture to their health care provider. On the other hand, far too many people are finding the information that they want to hear, ignoring their health, or over-diagnosing themselves in an attempt to get answers.

What our Naturopaths have to say

On a daily basis in the Mr Vitamin’s stores, our Naturopaths are asked about the treatment of various self diagnosed health conditions and/or supplements not suitable or unavailable in Australia. This is nearly always a result of customers searching on the internet. And of course, they all agree, that it’s rewarding to see people embracing their own health.

Was this information useful?

For some people they will learn what they wanted. Some of these people will use the information to help communicate better with their healthcare provider. Many others won’t find what they wanted or will become ill-informed. There are plenty of highly professional sites on the internet. But there are also many sites written by unqualified people just trying to make an easy dollar. It is important and relevant to ensure the information you are reading is written by a person who is well studied and qualified to talk on the topic.

What are the advantages of Skype online consultations?

  • You don’t need a babysitter
  • You don’t need pay for travel (train fares and petrol) to get to the clinic
  • You don’t have to use valuable time travelling to and from clinic
  • More flexible times available
  • The support given is unique to you and your health needs
  • The same face-to-face clinical help available on-line, if you are unable to get to a clinic whether it be for health, lack of suitable time, distance, etc.
Health care has been slow to adopt online services but these are becoming an accepted alternative option with increasing consumer demand. Janne Ramsay is one of the Naturopaths at Mr Vitamins who offers the flexibility of on-line consultations with the same professional standard as a face-to-face consultation

Skype consultations with a naturopath from HomeGet on-line with Naturopath Janne Ramsay

To start your journey to better, vibrant health today, you can book an appointment with Mr Vitamins Clinic Naturopath Janne Ramsay by following the link below: Skype Consultations with Mr Vitamins Practitioners You can also consult with other natural health practitioners rom the Mr Vitamins Clinic - please see the link above.