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Superfood HD: Tasty iPhone / iPad App!

Superfoods HD photoSuperfood HDis aniPhone and iPad app that gives great information, recipes and preparation tips on how to make Superfoods part of your diet. A well researched and designed App with a bold claim: you will learn simple eating tips to change your life in profound ways. Increase your energy levels, improve your sex life, break addictions, increase brainpower and prevent disease! A SUPERFOOD is rich in phytochemicals, special nutrients that have properties that enhance health and fight disease. Preventative maintenance instead of treating symptoms of sickness is the goal. These foods provide benefits beyond their recognized value.

What Mr Vitamins Likes:

  • Understand how Superfoods can increase your energy
  • Helps shift your focus to eating healthy foods
  • Many simple eating tips for high quality nutrition and good health
  • Learn things about ‘common’ fruits and veggies that will amaze and inspire you to keep them in your kitchen
Note: the App mentions a Superfood ‘Arugula’. In Australia it’s called Rocket and in Italy, Rucola. Delicious and nutritious all the same! Every garden should have some growing! iTunes price: $ 0.99 iTunes rating: 4.5 Stars

App Review Highlights:

“Love this app! It has given me so much useful and important information about all these foods that we take for granted and are so necessary to our health. It is easy to use, fun to read and a very practical app.” “Great info for a virgin raw foodist like me and anyone else wanting to learn more about the raw food and superfood movement. This is helpful info to have on hand for anyone wanting to change their eating ways for the better. Let us live healthy and not die because we are too stubborn to change & wake up.” “I have increased energy, and an overall feeling of well-being since trying Superfoods.. It is the first time in my life!” “This app is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. My kitchen has never been so alive.” “199% Good!”
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