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Are you suffering from stiff, aching knees?

Are you suffering from stiff, aching knees? | Mr Vitamins
Aching knees and stiffness become increasingly prevalent as you get older, and may mean  you have joint inflammation, musculoskeletal stiffness or even mild osteoarthritis. These issues are particularly common in people whose knees have been exposed to intense load-bearing or high-impact activity over the years. This may occur in those who have a history of being overweight, have participated in high impact sports, or have worked in occupations that add to the wear-and-tear on the knees. At a physiological level, the symptoms you’re experiencing may be due to a combination of inflammatory and structural changes to the joint, cartilage and surrounding tissues, so it may be beneficial to take herbal and nutritional supplements specially targeted at helping to manage these issues.

Turmeric relieves mild osteoarthritis of the knee

Turmeric contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds called curcuminoids, which may help to relieve mild osteoarthritis of the knee and address the associated knee pain, stiffness and inflammation. However, the curcuminoids in turmeric are not readily absorbed, so when shopping for a supplement it’s important to select a high potency formula that’s standardised to provide a therapeutic dose of these medicinally active constituents. For example, Curcumin C3 Complex is a highly concentrated Turmeric extract that’s been utilised in clinical trials investigating the effects of curcumin on osteoarthritis of the knee. Ideally, it should be taken with piperine – a compound from Black Pepper that enhances the bioavailability of the curcuminoids by up to 20 times.

Anti-inflammatory omega-3s for aching knees

Like Turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids inhibit the activity of inflammatory mediators in the body, and consequently may provide temporary relief from the aches and pains of mild arthritis and rheumatism while also helping to improve the mobility of the affected area. If you’ve taken fish oil supplements in the past and been turned off by the fishy aftertaste or burping that they often cause, we recommend that you look for a formula containing VivoMegaTG90, a concentrated, odourless and exceptionally pure source of omega-3s.

Glucosamine and chondroitin help maintain cartilage health

The health and integrity of the cartilage that cushions the joints plays a key role in your knee function, especially as you get older. Taking a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement may have beneficial effects on cartilage production, helping to maintain healthy joint function and slow down the degeneration of cartilage that commonly occurs with ageing, which may be associated with mild osteoarthritis. Additional benefits may include temporary relief from the aching knees, inflammation and swelling of mild osteoarthritis, along with improved mobility of the knee, or other affected joint.

Eucommia and Acanthopanax strengthen tendons and bones

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it has long been recognised that the health of the joints is strongly influenced by that of the surrounding musculoskeletal tissue. The herbs Eucommia (Du Zhong) and Acanthopanax (Wu Jia Pi) have traditionally been used to strengthen the tendons and bones and enhance the flow of Qi (life force energy) to nourish and support joint health, and are often taken in conjunction with glucosamine and chondroitin. They have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and consequently may further aid the management of osteoarthritis aching knees.

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